Why OCRestful?

The business case for OCRestful is similar to the business case for moving to the cloud in general. Specifically, it is usually better to let somebody else manage the infrastructure and technical details of running a commodity service, because it is frequently cheaper and it lets you focus on the core of your "real" business.

Which, by the way, probably isn't building optical character recognition software. But that does happen to be our focus. And because of that, and because we do it at a larger scale than you probably care to, the price-per-unit comes down significantly as well.


Then there are our features. OCRestful is a dedicated OCR engine designed for use by a wide audience. Meaning we probably have the features you are looking for. Need to fully OCR a TIFF image for full-text indexing? Got it. Need to look in the lower-right footer of the first page of your PDF document for a document identifier? No problem. Need to build a zonal-OCR template that grabs columns of figures out of variably-sized tables based on regular-expression anchors? Natch. We can cover the use cases you already have in mind, and probably the ones you haven't yet run across as well.

More than that, while we are committed to keeping OCRestful focused on OCR (and being very good at doing it), we are also committed to adding features our customers find valuable (provided they are reasonably in the OCR wheelhouse). So drop us a line if you see a feature you think would enhance your use of OCRestful, we promise to give it serious consideration.

OCRestful Can Enhance Your Agility

OCRestful can also make your projects speedier and more agile. Say you have a software project that needs OCR functionality. You could certainly build your team and assign one or two of them to focus full-time on building the OCR functionality while others work on the rest of the system. But even assuming your OCR team leverages open-source OCR toolkits or purchases a commercial OCR package, they still have a fair amount of integration and mid-and-low-level programming to do. But with OCRestful, that part of your project will get off the ground much faster, because your team doesn't have to worry about implementing OCR at all, but leverages our APIs instead. That way they get to spend more of their time focusing on the business functionality that is truly core to your operations.

Predictable Pricing

Estimating software development is hard to do well, and estimates are frequently wrong. But with OCRestful, you can calculate to the penny what, say, three years of OCR processing will cost you. (And odds are, we'll come in less than an honest estimate would in any event.) There's a lot of business sense in that.